Today is the three Year Anniversay of Xzavier’s serious injuries

Valetta is holding a Rally for Awareness this Saturday on the corner where this happened, North street and 10th Street in Milwaukee, WI.

You can meet X, his mom and sister at one o’ clock and they go on a benefit walk.  Valetta is offering red X pins, motorcycle patches, and t-shirts.    If you cannot make it to Milwaukee, you can donate in person at any Educator’s Credit Union nationwide or you can send a care package to

Valetta Bradford
PO Box 06061
Milwaukee, WI 53206

Friend Valetta on Facebook

If you friend Valetta and you want to donate to the care of Xzavier or the campaign against Distracted Driving, I think she is set up with Paypal through her email.

‘Don’t text for X’

And God Bless all of you for your support.

This event was rained out on October 12, 2013.  Valetta told me that it was a wonderful get-together for all of her family and some close friends, but I could tell she was dissapointed.  You can donate on-line to Valetta’s campaign and to the X-Man Foundation here;


Contact us through comments, someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

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