Sign our petition to get Xzavier to the White House for national recognition!

Xzavier Davis-Bilbo and Valetta Bradford want to take the campaign against Distracted Driving to a national level.

Follow this link to the petition;

A lot of people might respond to some beautiful celebrities telling you not to text and drive, for a little while at least, but even more people will pay attention to the Story of X, they call him X.  See Xzavier survived a fatal run over because he was carrying a metal scooter over his shoulder.  He survives, but not without a wheelchair and a respirator.  His family’s lives have been turned upside down and he has a mother that should be recognized nationally because what she is doing is Pulitzer prize worthy.

Valetta Bradford has opted to turn herself into a spokeswoman against Distracted Driving rather than seeking revenge on the woman who was texting while committing this horrendous crime against her son.  Yes, what this driver did was criminal but she only received a small fine, a little over one hundred and fifty dollars.  Things need to change and what we have now is the education process in the hands of the very companies that provides those cell phones.

Follow this link to the petition;

Take a moment please to sign our petition and then we have to ask you to go above and beyond and forward this petition to all of your contacts.  Surely the life you save will be one of these.

Follow this link to the petition;

Correspondence from the White House

I suppose I had the idea back in September, but it might have been sooner, to write to the White House administration and see if I could wangle an invite for Xzavier and his family to the White House Christmas for 2013.

Today I received the first reply from the White House, and it’s possible I will receive many more responses, because before the Government of the United States shut down, I had written at least twenty times, maybe more.

Today is January 13, 2014.  Earlier today I had visited Valetta’s facebook page;

And I discovered Valetta’s mother had passed from this world,  hours or days ago,  not more than a couple of days ago.  I knew Valetta was nursing her mother right along with X, they call him X,  her son Xzavier who was paralyzed by a distracted driver.  I know that Valetta has not been making many public appearances on account of this.  Our condolences goes out to Valetta and her family from her friends here in Austin, Texas for the loss of her mother just a few short hours ago.

They called her Ma’am.  Being from Texas, you know I like that.  Now, we can call this a coincidence, this response from the White House being received AFTER Ma’am has passed on, but I am not inclined to believe in coincidences.  I’m not superstitious, I am just open-minded and since all this time had passed, I wasn’t really looking for a response from the White House.  Suddenly here it is and my resolve to get Xzavier invited to a Christmas celebration at the White House is renewed.  I just might have a helper on the other side that I must tip my hat to and say, “Thank You Ma’am.”

Follow this link to donate on-line to the final expenses for Ma’am.  Valetta used her bill money for her mother’s funeral and we need to keep the lights on at Valetta’s place;


On Monday, January 13, 2014 5:00 PM, The White House <> wrote:
The White House, Washington
Thank you for writing.  Perspectives like yours are important to me—they give me a window into the real-life concerns of the American people, and they inform the decisions I make as President.Please know I work hard every day to do right by people like you.  As a Nation, we still have a lot of work ahead of us, but I will continue doing everything I can to keep us moving in the right direction.Thank you, again, for sharing your thoughts with me.  To stay engaged with my Administration, I encourage you to explore


Barack Obama


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I appreciate this.  I know there is a lot of correspondence that must be sorted through and I probably didn’t start soon enough to accomplish my objective, which was to get Xzavier Davis-Bilbo invited to the White House Christmas for 2013.

 However, this is a promising development.  By this response I know that my correspondence was read and appreciated by someone in the Obama administration, (that this is not actually from the President of the United States of America.)  I watched the video on the website explaining the process.

 If you would be so kind as to keep this cause in line for further consideration,  I would be most appreciative but not only that, involvement on the part of the White House supporting campaigns like Valetta Bradford’s against Distracted Driving is likely to get the attention of distracted drivers like no other and hopefully reduce the amount of deaths on our roads in America and also in other countries.

 We are not ready for this technology, and yet, here we are.  Valetta’s son Xzavier is paralyzed and must breathe with the aide of a respirator.  His injuries were caused by a distracted driver.  This driver was texting.  Instead of opting for revenge Valetta opted to speak out against distracted driving.  Instead of putting her damaged son in an institution, Valetta brought her son home and replumbed her house so she could bathe him and she had to add a wheelchair lift.  After she bought a wheelchair accessible van, the insurance money was exhausted.

 You can watch the PSA and the documentary featuring this family on this website;

 Werner Herzog, who has been creating films and documentaries since I was in diapers, (1962), was so inspired by the Public Service Announcement featuring Valetta and her son, that he went on to make ‘From One Second to the Next’, which will be distributed this year to 40K schools.  Soon, hundreds of thousands of school age children will be asking their parents to wait to make that call or to answer that call, while they are behind the wheel.

 Imagine the momentum involvement from the White House will produce.

 Please keep this cause in line,


 That Lady down in Texas

 Ps.  I have never met Valetta Bradford.  She lives in Milwaukee and I live in Austin, TX.

All-Terrain Track Chairs cost $13K dollars!track-chairs/c1qsz

You guys have to check this website out.  It’s a charity for Veterans that have been forgotten, imagine that, and this organization raises money to buy these track chairs and other rehabilitation equipment for severely injured veterans.

Here is the front page of that website that explains what they do.

Bill Reiley is auctioning off his Hog for this charity and he signed it.  There is a surprise celebrity who signed the other side of the Hog.

They are selling Presidential posters all signed for $25 dollar donations.

You only qualify for one of these bikes if you are a Veteran.  I wonder if either of Xzavier’s parents are Veterans?  I’m going to ask Valetta and I’ll let everyone know if this can happen for him.  I heard him say in the radio interview that he likes to go outside and play.

These websites were created to get donations for this family and Valetta’s campaign.  All I want is for X to have the best day that he can possible have.

How many of you readers would love to see X rolling around in this bad boy? Well, you can donate directly to his mother for the wheelchair accessible van upgrade they so desperately need and for an All Terrain Wheelchair to put X in.

I vote yes for raising money to get this track chair for Xzavier Davis-Bilbo.

Xzavier Davis-Bilbo and his dog Xzavier in his new jersey. He asked his mom if he looks like a football player in it. Xzavier Davis-Bilbo and Aurie Parris

Today is the three Year Anniversay of Xzavier’s serious injuries

Valetta is holding a Rally for Awareness this Saturday on the corner where this happened, North street and 10th Street in Milwaukee, WI.

You can meet X, his mom and sister at one o’ clock and they go on a benefit walk.  Valetta is offering red X pins, motorcycle patches, and t-shirts.    If you cannot make it to Milwaukee, you can donate in person at any Educator’s Credit Union nationwide or you can send a care package to

Valetta Bradford
PO Box 06061
Milwaukee, WI 53206

Friend Valetta on Facebook

If you friend Valetta and you want to donate to the care of Xzavier or the campaign against Distracted Driving, I think she is set up with Paypal through her email.

‘Don’t text for X’

And God Bless all of you for your support.

This event was rained out on October 12, 2013.  Valetta told me that it was a wonderful get-together for all of her family and some close friends, but I could tell she was dissapointed.  You can donate on-line to Valetta’s campaign and to the X-Man Foundation here;

Xzavier Davis-Bilbo beginnings

He’s only eight years old, but he’s been through more already than most of us will ever go through.

Xzavier Davis-Bilbo enjoys being on a field even though he is now in a wheelchair.

Here are the cliff notes;

  • His momma put him in front of the Green Bay Packers game as an infant.
  • He could call plays by the time he was three.
  • He took control of the remote early on for what was known as ‘the Packers search’ because that’s the only reason he wanted control of the remote.
  • When he was five years old one second changed his entire life.
  • For these details read ‘the Story of X’ at

  • He underwent seven operations in succession to save his life.
  • He lost the use of his legs and his left lung.
  • He later underwent two additional surgeries.
  • He was hospitalized for many moons.
  • His mother Valetta Bradford owns her home and modified it so she can keep her son in the home vs. his being institutionalized.
  • Lawyers became necessary for the negotiations with the Insurance company.  The driver who hit X only had $100 K dollars coverage.
  • His mother Valetta only received $25 K dollars to care for all of her son’s medical needs and supplies that will be required for the entire life of her son unless by some miracle Xzavier can once again breathe on his own and walk again.
  • Valetta used the money to replumb her home to accommodate Xzavier’s bathing needs.
  • Valetta also obtained a wheelchair accessible van and a wheel chair lift for her son.
  • Valetta trained to become a trachea nurse so she can be Xzavier’s primary care taker.
  • They grieve.
  • They move on as a family into the future, mom Valetta Bradford, daughter Aurie Parris, and son Xzavier Davis-Bilbo.
  • Valetta secured a Super Nurse for X.
  • Valetta offers to speak at the schools and colleges against this Distracted Driving assaults that are terrorizing pedestrians, other motorists, and the Amish.
  • Local news NBC’s TJN4 took notice and ran some stories on Valetta’s campaign.
  • Werner Herzog takes notice and AT&T sponsors a PSA featuring Valetta and X.
  • Werner Herzog decides to make a documentary inspired by Valetta and Xzavier.
  • That Lady down in Texas saw the PSA and started making these websites promoting Xzavier and his family in order to counter-act the websites she found using the PSA to promote racism.
  • Xzavier, Valetta, Aurie, and Super Nurse are invited to Hollywood for the red carpet premiere of ‘From One Second to the Next’ by Werner Herzog.

  • Valetta and crew return home from Hollywood feeling a little down.  It takes a lot to tell and re-tell this story.  They make this look easy.
  • As the faces of Distracted Driving these three carry on in their every day lives and continue to toil away after other leads that will advance this campaign  ‘Don’t text for X’.
  • There is always something needing to be done.
  • Valetta and her family were robbed not once, but twice.
  • Nothing knocks them off their course.
  • The documentary ‘From One Second to the Next’ will be distributed to 40K schools this Fall.
  • Soon a lot of 12 year olds are going to descend upon their parents and ask them to wait, ‘It Can Wait’, they will say all because of X and his awesome mom and sister.